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OREGON  COnstruction services

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Water damage can take place  due to a number of circumstances like a burst pipe, sewage backup, or even flooding.

When a pipe bursts it's very important to stop the flow of water. You need to know where your emergency shut off valve is, Immediately locate and flip off this valve, but make sure there are no electrical risks including standing water, moist electric circuits, exposed plugs, or a panel nearby. Immediately locate and turn off this valve, but make sure there are no electrical hazards such as standing water, wet electrical circuits, exposed plugs, or a panel nearby. Call Oregon Construction Services to prevent any further damages.

Our primary water restoration service includes assessment, clean up, remediation and restoration of:

-Flooded Basements/Property
-Pipe Bursts
-Flood Restoration
-Sewage Backup
-Water damaged interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses

Not properly dealing with water damage could lead to further damages including black mold and other health hazards found in water associated with these types of projects. Most often water damage occurs after a flood or due to a major plumbing issue or sewer backup.

If you require water damage restoration services, Oregon Construction Services will get the job done professionally, efficiently and effectively. Moreover,  we offer amazing customer service that can’t be beaten.

Since 1995 Oregon Homeowners, Realtors, and Contractors have been relying on Oregon Construction Services to help them Build Their Dreams.
Our vast experience and professionalism assure you of a Job Well Done. We offer a complete range of services from Kitchens to entire additions.

Oregon Construction services is ready for a wide range of residential restoration projects. From partial single room repairs to  finish home maintenance and remodeling projects, we're absolutely prepared to restore a property for the better.

At Oregon Construction services we understand that we are restoring not just a building, but your home, and we work with our customers every step of the way to give them exactly what they need and want.

We bring all our years of experience and our team of restoration specialists to the table. Our aim is to now not only repair your private home but appropriately improve your residence for the better. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Our commercial construction professionals are able to quickly complete repairs to large office & retail spaces. Oregon Construction Services is familiar with all the commercial building codes and restrictions making sure  the work is done properly and efficiently. 

For more information about our commercial services contact Oregon Construction Services today!

Hardworking and Dedicated

 We provide a better quality of service, professionalism, and attention to detail than what you have experienced with other construction  service provider.

World class service

Our goal is to give residential homeowners and commercial business owners a dependable, affordable, top-notch choice for any type of construction service.

With over 20 years of experience, you won't be disappointed. Oregon Construction Services offers a great variety of services that can help you turn your dreams a reality. Our staff is highly trained and dedicated and will offer you with the best customer service possible.  We listen to all of your needs in order to deliver  high-quality results. Give us a call today at (503) 309-4070 for your FREE Estimate!

Construction Services

* Project Management
* Pre-construction Planning
* Permit Acquisition
* Value Engineering

Construction Experience

* High Rise & Low Rise Tenant Improvements
* Retail
* Occupied and Unoccupied Spaces
* Restaurant
* Ground up buildings
* Demolition
* Medical / Dental clinics
* Renovation

Service Work

* Maintenance
* Repairs
* Emergencies
* Small Projects

Food 4 Less: Insulation, FPR Installation on Freezer and Oxide removal

Custom Deck with Metal Railing and Railing Lighting System 

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